Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Ikeoha Foundation envisions a more just and equitable societyin which all individuals, families and communities have meaningful opportunities to improve the quality of their lives for themselves and future generations.

Our Mission

To provide for the basic educational and health needs of families living in poverty and below the radar of government-sponsored interventions. We do this through enhancing their access to quality education and healthcare, and by building their capacity to participate in mainstream social, political and economic activities of their communities.

Our Core Beliefs

1.Access to information, and social amenities is a basic human right
2.Building people’s capacity to act for themselves is the basis of philanthropy
3. Human capital development is the surest way to expanding people’s life opportunities
4. All men and women have equal rights in society, contribute equally to societal development, and should have equal, unfettered, access to societal resources
5. We should carry out all our programme/project activities in a manner that will be environmentally sound, thereby leaving a part of today for tomorrow