This programme is aimed at improving maternal and child health in rural communities in Nigeria by preventing transmission of malaria. We provide poor, rural households with anti-malarial drugs and long-lasting insecticide treating nets in support of the Roll-Back Malaria programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria.


Poor people find it difficult to access medical care due to cost of drugs and treatment, as well as distance to health facilities. In certain instances, patients travel over 25 kilometres to access medicare. While we support advocacy efforts aimed at making governments guarantee universal access to healthcare for all their citizens, we understand that in the interim countless number of poor people die from preventable diseases.So, we go to the remotest, hard-to-reach communities to bring succor to the most-in-need. Our Free Eye-Care Outreach has been a phenomenal success.  Over 20, 000 eye tests have been conducted, 5, 477 persons have been fitted with spectacles, while 35 minor operations (to remove cataract) have been performed. 


Ignorance fuels the spread of diseases, and we know that it is less expensive to dispel this shroud of ignorance and keep the people healthy than providing cure. As such we engage communities, through various media, on topical health issues ranging from HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB; Personal Hygiene; Family planning services; Sexual and reproductive health and rights; and water and sanitation.

  • High rate of morbidity is slowing down economic progress of local communities and keeping more people in poverty
  • People in rural communities have limited access to public, basic healthcare
  • High maternal and child mortality is disrupting community cohesion and functioning
  • Savings in disability-adjusted life years (DALY) can be invested to help poor people escape poverty
  • A population in good health can overcome poverty through innovation, entrepreneurship and increased productivity.
  • Rural dwellers
  • Children
  • Young people
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Abundant, quality human resources
  • Maternal and child health
  • Community Health Education
  • Medical outreaches