Ikeoha Foundation is structured into five organs: the General Assembly, a board of Incorporated Trustees, a Governing Council, a Management Committee, and the Staff Meeting.

The General Assembly is constituted once a year during the annual general meeting and comprises of all members of the aforementioned organs. The Assembly has the responsibility of appointing a member of board of trustees, evaluating all aspects of the Foundation’s performance in the preceding year, and making recommendations to the board of trustees on the way forward.

Our constitution vests the Board of Incorporated Trustees with the supreme authority of the organization. Thus, the Board produces policy directions that will lead to the achievement of our organizational mandate. Specifically, it approves budgets and major policy amendments. It meets twice a year or as frequently as situations demand. The Board at every point in time must have at least 3 members.

The Governing Council is vested with the executive powers for the supervision and management of the general business of the Foundation based on policy guidelines and directives of the Incorporated Trustees. The Council, which sits quarterly, is made up of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, The Executive Director / Secretary, and Director of Finance. The tenure of office of members of this Council is at the discretion of the Trustees.

The Management Committee is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of organizational plans and strategic objectives. It consists of the Executive Director, Programme Managers in charge of various thematic interests of the Foundation, and Programme Officers in charge of specific interventions. The Committee, led by the Executive Director, is the active force of the Governing Council.  Any Executive Director of the Foundation is automatically the secretary of the Governing Council. The Management Committee meets weekly.

The Foundation’s core staff, field officers, and volunteers take part in the administration by participating in any of the staff meetings such as the monthly evaluation meeting between core staff and field officers, or project meetings involving all categories of staff including volunteers.